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90 min. | Expected 2025 | Documentary | 4K 16:9 | Color | English, German, Kizh


Tracing the places culturally relevant to the first inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin, HAZY VALLEY reveals the forgotten sediments of a multi-layered megacity: Indigenous L.A. 

In response to the ecological crisis, members of the Kizh Nation are fighting to preserve native ecosystems and the city’s ignored archeological heritage. When unexpected historic connection points emerge between the Kizh/Gabrieleño People and Germany, the call to challenge the ‚California Dream‘ and its oblivious narratives becomes even more urgent. 

The participatory documentary is being developed with and by the Kizh Nation, and has been awarded with the Wim Wenders Grant 2021 from NRW Film Commission and the Wim Wenders Foundation. The project has been selected for Documentary Campus Masterschool 2023.

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Advanced development stage. We are looking for production partners in the United States.

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